New/Transfer/Cancel Service

An Application for Service shall be completed to establish an account or new service. There is a $25.00 new customer fee.
For your convenience print any of the following forms that apply
I’m purchasing a property served by LRWC. How do I establish an account?
  • Please contact our office at 603.476.2348 or email to request an application for service and to provide the closing date and new customer information.
  • NOTE: Sellers please read “Closing Account/Cancellation of Service” below.

I’m building a new home. How can I connect it to LRWC water lines?
  • You may get the process started by filling out the “Application for Service” and welcome to Lakes Region Water Company!

I’m a property owner/landlord and want my tenant to pay for the water.
  • An “Application for Service” must be completed and signed by both you as property owner/landlord and by your tenant. Please call us at 603.476.2348 or email to request a form. If the tenant fails to pay, the water service may be terminated for non-payment.
  • When the tenant moves out of your property, he or she needs to notify us. We will then automatically place the account back in your name as customer of record.
  • In the event your tenant moves out without notice, the property will be considered vacant and water service shall be disconnected.

I’m a tenant and I want the water bill in my name.
  • Tenants may transfer billing to their name. (NOTE: Multi-unit dwelling shall not be transferred into tenants names. Property owner/landlord will remain the customer of record.)
  • To obtain an account, an “Application for Service” must be completed and signed by you as the tenant and the property owner/landlord. By signing the application your agreeing to be responsible for all water service charges. Please call us at 603.476.2348 or email

Transfer or Closing an Account/Water Service Termination

Final Water Bills will be issued upon request of the customer of record due to sale/foreclosure/title transfer/vacancy. ONLY the customer of record may close an account and/or terminate water service. The customer of record is responsible for all charges until LRWC is properly notified.
I’m selling my home. How do I close my account?
  • Please contact us at 603.476.2348 or email at least one week prior to your closing date, request that a final meter reading be taken at the property.
  • Your forwarding information to send final bill.
  • Closing/Title Company information and buyer information.

I’m moving out of a rental property. How do I close my account?
  • To stop service at your current location, please contact us at 603.476.2348 or email at least one week prior with the date you wish the service to end and a forwarding mailing address where we may mail your final bill.

I want to disconnect service and use my own well.
  • Please review New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services Fact Sheet.
  • Shall comply with all Local Ordinances and State Requirements.
  • Please contact us at 603.476.2348 or email

Reporting Theft of Utility Service

What is “theft of utility service”?
NH RSA 539:7 Theft of Utility Services The term refers to a serious crime- tampering with or bypassing a meter in order to receive utility service free of charge and tampering with the “shut off” valve without LRWC permission to turn your water service on or off. LRWC has an aggressive program to stop theft of utility service. Its important for everyone to watch for people stealing utility services of any kind because it costs all customers money and may posses a health risk.
What should I do if I suspect someone is stealing water?
Please help LRWC in pursuing utility thieves, preventing injury, possible health risk and stopping increased rates due to utility theft. If you’re aware of any theft, please call us at 603.476.2348.
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