LRWC Cross Connection Program

What is a cross connection?
A cross connection occurs when a water supply line is connected to a non-potable (unfit to drink) water source. If these cross-connections are not protected, it could potentially lead to a dangerous situation. By installing a backflow prevention device, these dangers are minimized.
What is a backflow?
A backflow can occur when the hydraulic conditions within a system change from their normal conditions, and cause water to flow in a backwards direction. A backflow of water in the system can be harmful because it could siphon any substance that it is in contact with into the water distribution system causing a cross connection.
What is a Backflow Prevention Device?
A Backflow Prevention Device is a mechanical assembly designed to counter any backflow that may occur. There are several different types of devices; the type required in any given situation depends on the type of backflow that may exist and how hazardous it is.

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