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There are currently no outages to report.

Lakes Region Water Company is saddened to report the passing of its founder and long time owner, Thomas Mason Sr. He will be greatly missed by our staff and fellow water utility members.

Thomas A. Mason Sr:
Oct. 9, 1927 - May 3, 2012

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On 4/22/2013, the PUC issued Order No. 25,496 Approving the Recovery of Costs for a Utility Manager and a One-Time Surcharge for Managerial Recruitment Cost Recovery. This order relates to Dockets DW 07-105, DW 10-043 and DW 10-141. This Order of Notice can be viewed here.


On 2/15/2013, the PUC issued an Order of Notice for Docket DW 13-041 in which LRWC petitioned the approval for Emergency Rates. This Order of Notice can be viewed here.

On 1/17/13, the PUC issued Order No. 25,424 authorizing the Company to recover rate case expenses incurred by the company while establishing rates in NHPUC Docket DW 10-141 through 8 equal quarterly surcharges of $11.64 per customer. This Order of Notice can be viewed here.

On 10/12/12, the PUC issued Order No 25,423 Approving Permanent and Temporary Rate Recoupment Surcharges. This order relates to Dockets DW 07-105, DW 10-043, DW 10-141 and DW 11-021. This Order of Notice can be viewed here.

On 7/13/12, the PUC issued Order No 25,391 Approving Permanent Rates & Affiliate Agreement. This order relates to Dockets DW 07-105, DW 10-043, DW 10-141 and DW 11-021. This Order of Notice can be viewed here.

On 10/25/11, the PUC issued an Order of Notice for Docket DW 11-021 in which LRWC petitioned the approval of long term debt financing. This petition will be considered along with LRWC's current rate case Docket DW 10-141. This Order of Notice can be viewed here.

On 5/27/11, the PUC issued Order No. 25,226 in docket DW 08-070 authorizing the recovery of rate case expenses through a one-time surcharge of $10.77 per customer for bills issued on or after 8/1/11. The PUC order which opened the docket on 7/2/10 can be viewed here.

On 2/18/11, the PUC issued Order No. 25,196 in docket DW 10-141 approving temporary rates retroactive to September 17, 2010. PUC Order No. 25,140 which opened the docket on 8/17/10 can be viewed here.

On 2/18/11, the PUC issued Order No. 25,197 in Docket DW 08-070 approving a Third Step Increase. The PUC order which opened the docket on 7/2/10 can be viewed here.















About Our Company

Lakes Region Water Company Inc. is a small, privately-owned public water utility that has been providing service to the Lakes Region for over 30 years. During this time, our Moultonboro-based business has expanded to service approximately 1,600 customers in select towns throughout the Lakes Region.

Our Company currently owns & operates 17 different water systems:
Far Echo Harbor, Paradise Shores (Balmoral), West Point, White Mountain Resort/Gateway, Hidden Valley, Wentworth Cove, Pendleton Cove, Deer Run, Woodland Grove, Echo Lake Woods, Brake Hill, Tamworth Water, 175 Estates, Deer Cove, Lake Ossipee Village, Indian Mound & Gunstock Glen. You will find information concerning each of these systems throughout this site.

Being a public utility company, we are under the direct regulation of the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission and as such, must abide by their rules & regulations. We are required to follow their rules for customer service and must report to them any customer related issues or concerns.  Similarly, they serve as advocates for the consumer and must report to us any formal complaints or concerns that are filed with the Commission. They prescribe a time frame in which we are then obligated to address these issues and therefore act as a mediator between Customer and Company.

child drinking waterOur Company must also meet the demands & regulations of the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES), namely that of the Drinking Water & Groundwater Bureau. They determine our schedule for water quality sampling for each of our water systems. Working in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), they determine how often and at which location(s) we must take samples in order to guarantee water quality for our customers.  If for any reason, a sample is determined to be unsafe for human consumption, we are required to notify the public as soon as possible by following their guidelines for public notification. Each sampling result, violation and customer notification is given to the NHDES to be reviewed and put on file. They also perform regular system inspections, enforce rules for the installation, management and treatment of wells & pumps, and are a valuable resource for the Water Operator. The Department may issue violations or citations of deficiencies based upon their inspections to ensure the health and safety of the Public. Click here to review the responsibilities of the NHDES.

Alerts & Updates

In order to better serve our customers, Lakes Region Water utilizes a telephone notification system provided by One Call Now™, similar to those used by many public school systems.  When there are expected water outages, a recorded message will be delivered to each telephone number listed on your account.  In order to properly receive these notifications, your contact information must be kept current. Click here to add your name, telephone number(s) and/or email address(es) to our emergency call list.

To hear the latest (if any) message for your water system, please dial 1-877-698-3261 and when prompted, Press 1 and then enter your telephone number.  Please note that the phone number you enter must be one that is currently on file with LRWC.  If the system does not recognize the number you enter, please contact our office so that we may add it to the call list. 

Please Note: There is a brief pause after the initial message that says, “The following is an urgent message from Lakes Region Water Company.”?If you hang up after hearing this, you will NOT receive the entire message.

Click on the speaker icon below to hear the latest message we delivered to customers. The date and time the message was sent is also listed below.


Disclaimer: Please listen carefully to the message(s), as the notification may or may not apply to your water system and it may not be a recent recording.

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