Water Meters

You are required to keep your meter in a warm, dry environment that has protective housing from the elements.

Whether this is in your basement or a meter pit, it is your responsibility to protect the meter from freezing, which can result in flooding of your property. Certain parts of the meters are designed to protect the meter from freezing. If these parts are destroyed due to freezing or other damages, they are repaired at the customer’s expense.

Water meters are read on a quarterly basis and are read in units of 100 cubic feet. 100 cubic feet is equivalent to approximately 748 gallons of water. Dockham Shores customers meters are measured in 100 gallons.

LRWC employees are the only persons authorized to read & repair these meters. If any evidence of tampering exists, it is considered theft of service and is punishable by law.

If for any reason your meter fails to register a reading, the Company reserves the right to estimate usage based on the customer’s account history. This estimate may be adjusted once the meter is fixed.

Most of our meter reading problems occur when the wire connecting the actual water meter to the remote register on the outside of the home breaks or becomes dysfunctional. In such cases, water is still flowing through the meter, though it is not registering outside because the remote connection has been lost.