Excavating & Digging

It is ILLEGAL in the state of New Hampshire to begin any type of digging before calling Dig Safe. They are available by phone or internet and must be contacted at least 72 hours prior to digging (except for emergency situations).

Once Dig Safe is contacted, they will contact other regional utilities in the area so that those utilities can survey the proposed excavation site and mark any utility lines within that area.

It is extremely important that you do this because if water lines, sewer lines, electric or phone lines are on or near the dig site and they are not marked, chances are you will hit one or all of these lines, resulting in large repair costs or fines, threats to your safety as well as the safety of the public, and huge inconveniences for the utilities and customers these lines are associated with.

There is also a fine for failure to contact Dig Safe: 1-888-DIG-SAFE.